We are an interdisciplinary and international team, working in the center of Berlin. We are passionate about understanding genetic variations, biomedical challenges, and how to transform data into clinically actionable results.


Shared Positions with other Labs

Software Engineers


  • Nina Rank
  • Olga Misevice
  • Vinzenz May
  • Gracia Andriamiadana


  • Dr. Patrick Pett - Post-Doc (moved on to the Teichmann lab at Wellcome Sanger Institute)
  • Clemens Messerschmidt - Bioinformatician (became a PhD student in Berlin’s CompCancer programme)
  • Franziska Schumann - Bachelor student (became a Master student in the data science programm at HPI, Potsdam)
  • Nico Borgsmüller - Master student (became a PhD student at ETH with Niko Beerenwinkel)
  • Dr. Dermot Harnett - Post-Doc (moved on to Ohler lab at MDC-Berlin)
  • Dr. Oliver Drechsel - Post-Doc (moved on to become staff Bioinformatician at Robert-Koch-Institute)
  • Dr. Kajetan Bentele - Post-Doc (moved on to industry)

Last modified: Nov 13, 2020