Scientific Service

Scientific Services are designed to provide flexible, efficient project specific bioinformatics and data analysis solutions. Your primary contact will usually be a Post-Doc (project leader) with experience in the relevant domain. We aim to closely resemble a conventional scientific collaboration with a bioinformatics lab while making optimal use of economy of scale.

Your project will draw on the expertise of the the whole CUBI team, can use all CUBI resources, tools and any previously applied method or established standardized processing pipeline.

Scientific Service

In Scientific Service we work with an agile project approach. All tasks are performed in an iterative and incremental manner, realizing a frequent exchange with researcher and clinicians on intermediate results, data interpretation, analysis refinement and future analysis directions.


Typical projects involve

  • Consultation - discussion of feasibility and scope
  • Formal Take-In => Agreement on Plan for Initial Analysis
  • Data Transfer
  • Data QC => Feedback on Data Quality
  • Initial Analysis => Intermediate Results
  • Presentation and Discussion of Intermediate Results => Refinement of Analysis Plan
  • Iterative, Incremental Analysis Refinement
  • Intermediate Reports and Progress Meetings
  • Documentation of Methods and Results
  • Wrap-Up Meeting

To get started please request a take-in or consultation meeting to discuss your needs and suitable scope.

Last modified: Mar 15, 2021