VarFish is a data analysis platform developed at CUBI that focuses on the collaborative analysis of germline variants. We host an internal instance for use by Charite, MDC, and BIH scientists.

CUBI generally delivers its own germline variant analysis results through VarFish but data processed elsewhere can also be imported into VarFish.


The internal VarFish instance is at and is accessible from internal networks only.

All data sets within VarFish are private. Access to a private project requires approval by the PI in charge of the data.

Varfish graphical abstract

Illustration of the VarFish workflow and use cases

Standardized Data Processing includes germline variant analysis which can be provided in VarFish, as well as imported external analysis.

VarFish - our free and open source software platform for collaborative germline variant analysis.

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Last modified: Mar 15, 2021