Manuel Holtgrewe from CUBI wins BIH DHA grant

Manuel Holtgrewe (CUBI), Max Zhao and Lara Einicke won phase 1 grant of the BIH Digital Health Accelerator. Congratulations!

One major challenge in translational research is working in regulated environments when bridging between clinic and basic research. To address this gap for the rare disease genetics analysis software VarFish, an IVDR certification is necessary.

Manuel Holtgrewe and his collaborators have won a phase 1 grant of the BIH DHA (Digital Health Accelerator). Initially funded for a six month period, Manuel is working with Max Zhao and Lara Einicke from Institute of Charite Medical Genetics on the VarFish project. The aims of the first phase include the evaluation of technical and organisational requirements for obtaining the IVDR certification. Further aims include to explore ways of establishing a sustainable way for continuing the project as free and open source software (FOSS).
Manuel Holtgrewe

Last modified: Feb 21, 2024