Varfish Release v1.2.0

We are happy to announce the first stable release of VarFish v1.2.0. This is the first stable “version 1” release and many features have been added since the last release.

A major change is in the now established versioning scheme that is loosley based on the versioning scheme also used by the Ceph storage system. In general, we use MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH versions.

  • Versions x.0.z are in-development versions with many releases per year.
  • Versions x.1.z are release candidates.
  • Versions x.2.z are stable releases with few releases over the year.

We plan to create one stable major release each year, in the month of April. Version 1.2.0 is the first of the stable versions. This release will be supported for roughly 1.5 years so users have a grace period of 6 months after the release of the next major version. We will create bug fix releases or smaller addition of features as 1.2.z versions.

Each major version will be named after a starfish species. Version 1 is named “Athenea”.

Once 1.2.0 has been released we will start to develop version 2.y.z and version 2 is named “Bollonaster”. The development verions will be 2.0.z. As we prepare the next stable releae we will create release candidates 2.1.z in the beginning of 2023. Finally, we plan to create a stable Bollonaster release 2.2.0 in April 2023.

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Last modified: Apr 12, 2022