The Core Unit Bioinformatics (CUBI) provides bioinformatics and data analysis expertise for translational research at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) by combining an increasing portfolio of workflows (Standardized Processing) with projects specific solutions and service (Scientific Services) in bioinformatics, exploratory statistics, visualization, data mining, machine learning and data integration as well as F.A.I.R. data management, bioinformatics Consulting and Training.



We are an interdisciplinary and international team, working in the center of Berlin. We are passionate about understanding genetic variations, biomedical challanges, and how to transform data into clinically actionable results. Agile methods are used to manage our many data analysis and software development projects. We focus on omics data analysis for translational applications in the areas of rare disease genetics, cancer genomics, functional genomics, single cell transcriptomics, as well as metabolomics and proteomics.

Service, Technology and Cooperation

We cooperate with research groups to establish new methods and technologies in translational bioinformatics. Our scientific service concept provides efficient state-of-the-art bioinformatics and data analysis service for a broad range of biomedical applications. Based on our research and service projects, CUBI provides a growing number of data processing services, as well as software tools for self-service data exploration and data access.

Steering Commitee

  • Dominik Seelow
  • Kathrin de la Rosa
  • Martin Kircher
  • Nils Blüthgen, current speaker
  • Uwe Ohler, current vice speaker

Last modified: Feb 7, 2023